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The Key of Awesome - Katy Perry Firework Parody

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Letra: The Key of Awesome - Katy Perry Firework Parody
Have you ever had an uninvited guest?
Why did you wear sweatpants the day she wore that dress?

You put a book on it
Your woody wouldn't quit
Think of disgusting things and don't encourage it

And then it starts to ache
Zippers about to break
You're using every trick to try to tame your trouser snake

Listen and listen good:
Don' t cover up your wood
A woody never should
Ever have to be caged or blocked
Unlock your jock
Just let it pop like a jack in the box

Show 'em that your willy works
A stiffy shouldn't have to hurt
Make 'em scream "oh my god"
As you shock 'em with your lightning rod

Baby let your mojo rise
It doesn't matter what the size
You don't have to feel ashamed
Like Miley it just can't be tamed

Boing boing boing
Even bigger than Boeing Boeing Boeing
Sometimes it can be annoying noying noying
But now your confidence is gro- ow-ing

Put your package on display
Even if they scream and run away
You're the jockey of your one eyed horse
I'm talking bout your dong of course

Someday when you're old and bored
You'll wish that you had shown it more
It's the reason that the world was born
Every girl believes in unicorns

Doing ding dong
Someday random chubbys will be gone
Doing ding dong
Can't believe I wrote a whole schlong song

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